I was browsing one of the technical diving forums I'm a  member of today and came across a thread asking for reasons why we women got involved in technical diving (we are obviously a small group and I always enjoy reading why other women are motivated to further their dive training.) Here is the question as posted:

Hello my fellow female divers!

Had a discussion with a couple of friends of mine and the topic turned into why there are so few female tech divers. None of us had the answer of course, but I thought it to be an interesting question.

Would love to hear from women why and what made them decide to go "tech".

Looking forward to it


I thought about it briefly and added my response, which I'll share here:


For me, I need to be learning something new constantly...I have a very restless mind that needs to be occupied all the time with something. I enjoy the challenge of learning something new, performing it, and perfecting it from there. Diving has done that for me, and I've made a ton of great friends and acquaintances doing it. Looking back later on in life I know I'll have some awesome stories to share about all the wonderful experiences I've had while pursuing this sport as far as I can take it. For me diving has given me a whole different world, and at this level of diving...that world is one that so few will ever experience. I enjoy knowing that I've accomplished being able to dive at this level. I also (as many know) bring my camera along for many of these adventures so I can share these places with people who will probably only ever see these places while standing on the firm surface of the earth.

So fellow lovely tech ladies, how about you? Why did you get into this level of diving?



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